ALU-BRASS S.R.L. | Via Contrà, 51 36030 Sarcedo (VI) | Tel. (+39) 0445-344203 |

ALU-BRASS S.R.L. | Via Contrà, 51 36030 Sarcedo (VI) | Tel. (+39) 0445-344203 |

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Alu-Brass company has been working in the field of die casting of aluminium and brass alloys for more than 40 years.

The company was established in Sarcedo (VI) thanks to the experience and the initiative of Marziano Brazzale, who, after the achievement of the diploma of metallurgic technical director, started his die casting activity oriented to the production of consumer goods in large series. He found use for it in almost every sector of product manufacture that employs nonferrous metal components, such as brass, aluminium and zamak.

Over time his passion for this art flourished with the involvement of his son Andrea Brazzale. Thanks to the sensibility for details and the high quality work, the company has been successful not only in Italy, but also abroad.

The word "die casting" means "foundry under pressure". It defines the process whereby the molten alloy is poured into a metal mould (die), that is subjected to a certain level of pressure which can result in the following connected effects:
• Rapid filling of the mould cavity;
• Compensatory feeding of "solidification shrinkage";
• Perfect and complete filling of the mould cavity, obtaining intact jets;
• Conferment to the piece of a fine crystalline structure.
This happens through the die casting machines that are commonly called "presses".
The company owns presses from 280 tons up to 550 tons.